Cracking the Code-Using the Alexander Technique to access musical expression and good health; Debi Adams; February 12, 2021:


So much of musical life is about problem solving.  Sometimes the problems appear to be technical and sometimes musical.  The Alexander Technique is a way of integrating our entire system so our responses to both these challenges can be solved through one unifying mechanism.  In this webinar you will be introduced to Alexander’s principles by exploring different ways of responding to music-making and sustaining our health in the process. Dress comfortably, have access to your instruments if possible, and prepare to enter the beautiful world that is YOU!

Debi Adams earned her Alexander Technique (AT) teaching certificate from the Alexander Technique Center of Cambridge, directed by Tommy Thompson. She is also certified by Alexander Technique International and by the Music Teacher’s National Association (NCTM). Prior to studying the AT, Debi earned an M.M. in piano performance from Boston University.  Her interest in the AT began with her desire to recover from a hand injury. She soon discovered the power of this work that extends beyond physical recovery.  It has become a lifeline to successful performances. Debi’s experience as a performer and Alexander Technique teacher brings a unique perspective to her classes. She has taught the Technique worldwide to musicians all over the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea, and Peru. Debi teaches the Technique to musicians and dancers at Boston Conservatory at Berklee. She also runs a teacher-training program there. Her private practice encompasses piano teaching and performing as well as Alexander Technique teaching. She performs most often as part of a piano duo, the Well-Tempered Pianists.