Privacy Notice

The College Music Society (CMS) takes your privacy seriously and is committed to protecting the privacy of its members, exhibitors, volunteers, and other contacts. We want you to understand clearly how we will use the personal data you supply when registering to attend this event, which represents the establishment of a contract between you and CMS. We process personal data based on consent according to Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR, which you are free to give or refuse. You’ll see consent options when you visit our conference registration form. 

This privacy notice applies to all personal data processed by full-time and part-time employees, interns, and volunteers when acting on behalf of CMS, contractors and partners doing business on behalf of CMS, as well as all legal entities and subordinate organizations, all operating locations in all countries, and all business processes conducted by CMS.

Information Collected
CMS collects the following personal data in line with the use purposes explained in a subsequent section:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Membership status
  • Professional biography (applies to presenters only)
  • Photograph
  • Social media profile information
  • Purchasing and payment information
  • Subscription preferences
  • Cookies
  • Names of paid guests or traveling companions
  • Dietary restrictions & food allergies
  • Medical Issues that impact your conference experience 
  • Requests for disability accommodations
  • Emergency contact details
  • Other information you upload or voluntarily provide

Some personal data is regarded as particularly sensitive, and CMS will always pseudonymize and encrypt sensitive data in our databases.

How do we use your information?
CMS uses (and, where specified, shares) your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To process transactions. CMS uses personal information such as name, organizational affiliation, email address, physical address, and telephone number to engage in interactions with you, including contacting you about your registration, hotel reservation, donation, subscription, event participation, or membership. We use financial/credit card and payment information to process your payment and may need to share some of this information with third party credit card companies to complete the transaction. No record is retained by CMS of personal financial information, including credit, debit, or payment card numbers. 

  • To verify that the information we have about you is correct. In the event CMS believes it has logged incorrect or outdated information about you, we may communicate with you to update or verify the most current and appropriate data. 

  • To communicate with you about the event. We may communicate with you about the conference using the contact details you provided when registering. This may include information about the event’s content, event logistics, payment, updates, and additional information related to the event. CMS or its conference co-sponsors may contact you after the event about the event, subsequent iterations of the event, and related events. Please note that event organizers, co-sponsors, exhibitors, and other third parties may directly request your personal information at their conference booths or presentations. Providing your information to them is optional, and you should review their privacy policies to address your specific needs and concerns about how they will treat your personal information.

  • To publicize the event. To develop interest in the conference and encourage registration, it is our practice to share the conference schedule and presenter biographies with the public. Personal information included in this document is limited to the name, affiliation, and professional biography of conference presenters. Likewise, names and affiliations of session moderators and presiders are included within these materials. No personal data related to non-presenting attendees is shared publicly, nor is contact information for any registrant unless the registrant opts to include such details in their biographical information. 

  • To provide information based on your needs and respond to your requests. CMS may use your personal information to provide you with special meals, accommodations, requested information, program updates, or other details intended to enhance your conference experience. 

  • To provide support or other services. CMS may use your personal information to provide you with support or other services that you have ordered or requested. CMS may also use your personal information to respond directly to your requests for information, including event registration, newsletters, membership status, webinars, or other specific requests.

  • To produce personalized conference registration materials. CMS will include your name, affiliation, and leadership role(s) on your conference name badge to announce you to other attendees. From time to time, various promotional items may also be personalized with your name and included in your registration packet for your use. All name badges or promotional items not picked up by the intended user will be destroyed following the event. 

  • To present you to other attendees. You have the option to share a photograph of yourself as part of your digital profile within our conference mobile application (Socio) or may opt to not provide this. If provided, your photo will be viewable by all registrants.

  • To provide online forums and networking. Some services available within our conference mobile application (Socio) and related third-party software permit you to participate in interactive discussions, post comments, respond to surveys, share content to an electronic bulletin board, or otherwise engage in professional exchange or social networking activities. Some of these services are moderated. CMS does not control the content that users post to these forums or social networks. You should carefully consider what personal information you wish to submit to these forums or social networks and tailor any content you submit appropriately and in accordance with the relevant terms of use. You should also review any additional terms and conditions that may govern your use of these services, including terms related to sharing your personal information and receiving communications.

  • To serve personalized advertising to you. We do not share your information with exhibitors without your consent. We allow exhibitors to send a limited number of advertisements to conference attendees and choose the characteristics of attendees who will see their advertisements. We may use any of the non-personally-identifiable attributes we have collected to select the appropriate audience for those advertisements. 

  • To seek assistance in case of emergency. In case you should experience an emergency during the event which requires CMS to intervene because you are unable to assist yourself, CMS will contact appropriate health specialists or first responders but will also inform the person(s) you have identified on the registration form as your emergency contact(s).   

  • To consider you for future service opportunities within the organization. CMS may use personal information such as your name, education, work history, and volunteer activities to consider you for future leadership or service opportunities within the organization. CMS may need to share this information with its board members, committee our council chairs, or other parties involved in evaluating your eligibility.

  • To update you on relevant CMS benefits, programs, and opportunities. CMS may communicate with you regarding relevant CMS benefits, programs, and opportunities available to you, through your membership with CMS.

  • To get feedback or input from you. In order to deliver products and services of most interest to our members, from time to time, we may ask members, event registrants, volunteers, and website visitors to provide us input and feedback (e.g., through surveys or focus groups).

  • To enhance your website experience. Cookies and web beacons are electronic placeholders that are placed on your device by websites to track your individual movements on that website over time. CMS uses both session-based cookies (which last only for the duration of the user’s session) and persistent cookies (which remain on your device and provides information about the session you are in and waits for the next time you use that site again). These cookies and web beacons provide useful information to CMS, enabling us to recognize repeat users, facilitate the user’s access to and use of our sites, track usage behavior, and improve the performance of our website. CMS has developed a separate privacy policy related specifically to interaction with the CMS website, and that policy may be viewed in full by clicking here.  

  • To protect CMS content and services. We may use your information to prevent potentially illegal activities and to enforce our terms and conditions. We also use a variety of technological systems to detect and address anomalous activity and to screen content to prevent abuse, such as spam. These efforts may, on occasion, result in a temporary or permanent suspension or termination of some functions for some users.

Data Breach
In the event you suspect a data breach or mishandling of personally identifiable information, please report the incident to CMS immediately at [email protected]. CMS will investigate the matter and promptly notify the appropriate authorities and all affected parties as appropriate.

How can you control your information?
You have the right to ask us not to process your personal information for marketing purposes. You can exercise this right to prevent such processing by checking or unchecking certain boxes on the forms we use to collect your data. You can also exercise this right at any time by contacting us at [email protected]. Please note that your request must: (a) provide sufficient information that allows us to reasonably verify you are the person about whom we collected personal information or an authorized representative; and (b) describe your request with sufficient detail that allows us to properly understand, evaluate, and respond to it.