Teaching Music in the Age of COVID-19: Resources for Large Ensembles

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Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs Comprehensive study on teaching music in the age of COVID-19. View #11637
"Contact Tracing" a Chaconne Theme in Brahms 4th Summary of a research, analysis and performance project of the Carlton College Orchestra Dr. Stephen Radcliffe, Visiting Assistant Professor and Director of the Carleton Orchestra lg-ens-radcliffe-carleton-orchestra-project-article.pdf View #11614
A Conversation: What Do Science and Data Say About Leading organizations dedicated to vocal music education discuss the near term future of singing. View #11467
Virtual Ensemble Projects (Orchestras Canada) A lively and informative tutorial on creating a Virtual Ensemble project. Contains much info on technical and musical issues related to this kind of production. View #11449 is a team of engineers available to create "virtual choir" videos for choirs, bands, orchestras. This is a paid service, helping you teach and work towards a goal with students. View #11361
Practicing Musician World-class online instrumental music education for everyone, everywhere. Our content follows the same sequence as year 1 and 2 method books such as Standard of Excellence and Essential Elements. View #11272
NCCO Webinars The National Collegiate Choral Organization has hosted and will host multiple webinars about teaching choir during the COVID-19 pandemic. View #11269
Help with your Jazz Ensemble Send me your Jazz Ensemble videos.recordings, and a full score and I'll be happy to help you with anything you'd like. Or, if you have individuals who would like additional help, please send videos. lg-ens-gene-aitken-brief-bio-december-2019.pdf View #11265
Enabling Remote Live Streamed Choir I've developed a list of options for live streaming remote choral streaming, along with a new work composed specifically for remote live streamed choir and offered for free download. View #11262
In the director's shoes (chamber choir) An idea for an online project that I am assigning to the Shenandoah Conservatory Choir - 30 members, mix of graduate and undergraduate students. lg-ens-in-the-director-s-shoes.pdf View #11231
#rehearsalhomealone Online ensemble learning Free video lessons for ensemble students of 10-20 minutes, including listening assignments, score reading, practice strategies, performance evaluation skills, composer and conductor interviews. View #11203
Discussion posts on choral music and text This is a discussion post on choral music and text to be used in lieu of a rehearsal on an existing school online platform. It could be adapted to most choral works with poetic texts. lg-ens-sample-discussion-post-text-and-choral-music-analysis.pdf View #11192
virtual ensembles We are developing virtual ensembles for the three choral groups I conduct, the flute choir, and the jazz ensemble. lg-ens-grinnell-virtual-ensembles.pdf View #11191
Music For Symphony Orchestra I have composed 9 “Symphonic Pictures” (1 movement Symphonic works) and 2 symphonies many of which were written for and performed by the La Verne Symphony Orchestra. These can be accessed on IMSLP. View #11176