Teaching Music in the Age of COVID-19: Resources for Large Ensembles

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Band Boosters Member We are looking for options for the band to play together online, from home. We are willing to pay for apps, tools, whatever is needed, Band size of 256 students.
Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs Comprehensive study on teaching music in the age of COVID-19.
"Contact Tracing" a Chaconne Theme in Brahms 4th Summary of a research, analysis and performance project of the Carlton College Orchestra Dr. Stephen Radcliffe, Visiting Assistant Professor and Director of the Carleton Orchestra lg-ens-radcliffe-carleton-orchestra-project-article.pdf
A Conversation: What Do Science and Data Say About Leading organizations dedicated to vocal music education discuss the near term future of singing.
Virtual Ensemble Projects (Orchestras Canada) A lively and informative tutorial on creating a Virtual Ensemble project. Contains much info on technical and musical issues related to this kind of production.
VirtualChoir.net VirtualChoir.net is a team of engineers available to create "virtual choir" videos for choirs, bands, orchestras. This is a paid service, helping you teach and work towards a goal with students.
Practicing Musician World-class online instrumental music education for everyone, everywhere. Our content follows the same sequence as year 1 and 2 method books such as Standard of Excellence and Essential Elements.
NCCO Webinars The National Collegiate Choral Organization has hosted and will host multiple webinars about teaching choir during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Help with your Jazz Ensemble Send me your Jazz Ensemble videos.recordings, and a full score and I'll be happy to help you with anything you'd like. Or, if you have individuals who would like additional help, please send videos. lg-ens-gene-aitken-brief-bio-december-2019.pdf
Enabling Remote Live Streamed Choir I've developed a list of options for live streaming remote choral streaming, along with a new work composed specifically for remote live streamed choir and offered for free download.
In the director's shoes (chamber choir) An idea for an online project that I am assigning to the Shenandoah Conservatory Choir - 30 members, mix of graduate and undergraduate students. lg-ens-in-the-director-s-shoes.pdf
#rehearsalhomealone Online ensemble learning Free video lessons for ensemble students of 10-20 minutes, including listening assignments, score reading, practice strategies, performance evaluation skills, composer and conductor interviews.
Discussion posts on choral music and text This is a discussion post on choral music and text to be used in lieu of a rehearsal on an existing school online platform. It could be adapted to most choral works with poetic texts. lg-ens-sample-discussion-post-text-and-choral-music-analysis.pdf
virtual ensembles We are developing virtual ensembles for the three choral groups I conduct, the flute choir, and the jazz ensemble. lg-ens-grinnell-virtual-ensembles.pdf
Music For Symphony Orchestra I have composed 9 “Symphonic Pictures” (1 movement Symphonic works) and 2 symphonies many of which were written for and performed by the La Verne Symphony Orchestra. These can be accessed on IMSLP.