Teaching Music in the Age of COVID-19: Resources for Chamber Ensemble Coaching

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Coaching and Consulting Coaching and consulting for large ensemble directors at very reasonable rates: small ensemble formation, coaching, choosing and sharing repertoire, thematic programming, non-traditional mixed ens. chamber-consulting-coaching-.pdf
Chamber Music for Mixed Ensembles Chamber Music Repertoire for winds/strings and mixed ensembles every genre from Baroque to Jazz and World Music. This spreadsheet is from 10 years of performance programming. chamber-chamber-music-repertoire-resource.pdf
Chamber Music Repertoire Sheet Chamber Ensemble Repertoire Sheet, for winds and strings, voice, mixed ensembles, all genres Baroque to Jazz. Years of programming as Director of Chamber Music at CWRU, Ithaca College, CIM Prep. chamber-chamber-music-repertoire-resource.pdf
Instrumental Collaborative Piano Class My instrumental collaborative piano course is a Master Class in which pianists, under normal circumstances are studying chamber music duo ensemble works such as sonatas with strings, or winds.
ensemble collaboration Using the Online Digital Audio Workstation Instructors can create a "guide" track for the students to follow as they record their part. Instructors can give feedback in the recording for adjustments. chamber-chamber-ensemble-coaching-idea.pdf
Garage Band Working on Garage Band - emailing project to students to add their own track of ensemble tunes we have been working on thus far. Still working out kinks and platform variances.
Acapella Thr acapella app for apple devices is a fun, easy to use app that students can use to create collaborative recordings and share on social media. Students get an audience through social media.
Musicfirst Musicfirst is a suite of music apps that is designed for k-12 use. One of the apps is a sequencing app that allows for collaboration from multiple users on a multitude of devices/platforms. Easy use
Teaching Trombone Online The purpose of this brief article is to offer ideas, share resources, and collect information from readers. We welcome your ideas about teaching trombone, and other instruments, online.