Teaching Music in the Age of COVID-19: Resources for One-on-one Lessons

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Online Drum Lessons- Improve Your Experience This document has suggestions for a better online lesson experience, including recommendations for gear to improve the sound for drum lessons. lessons-online-drum-lessons-ways-to-improve-your-experience.pdf View #11392
Success with Drum Lessons Online These are the guidelines I send to my students, including how to choose a platform (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime), how to adjust audio settings, and how to be prepared for the online lesson. lessons-online-lesson-guidelines.pdf View #11391
Skype Ive found in my lessons that the zoom platform does not work well for lessons. Too much interruption. So I have been using Skype instead. Its runs much smoother. I get much less interruption. View #11283
Notes In Hibernation: Maintaining Daily Practice A free resource with ideas for students struggling to maintain a daily practice. Regular, short reflections on staying motivated and inspired during the stress of the COVID19 pandemic. View #11282
VIKL: Virtual Individual Keyboard Learning VIKL emanates from words, "necessity is the mother of invention", written by Plato. Unexpectedly, humanity is challenged to communicate by sight, and sound, remotely. View #11281
Practicing Musician World-class instrumental music education for everyone, everywhere. Our service is almost a combination of Khan Academy and Duolingo for instrumental music education, perfect for at-home learning. View #11278
Free Downloads to Aid Music Practice Free downloadable practice logs, schedules, organizers, and assessments by Gerald Klickstein. No email signup required. View #11268
Weait - Practicing for CMS.pdf Seventeen pages from my publication "Bassoon Strategies for the Next Level" - the complete section 4 "Practicing". It can be useful for players of any instrument. lessons-weait-practicing-for-cms.pdf View #11263
String Technique Close-Up Videos Demonstrating close-up string technique can be frustrating over the internet. These 18 videos provide HD close-ups of the most pertinent technique, all based on recent research in acoustical physics. lessons-the-tiny-book-of-violin-technique-final.pdf View #11261
Professor of Voice and Vocal Pedagogy Preliminary Report: Comparing the Audio Quality of Classical Music Lessons Over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, VoiceLessonsApp, and Apple FaceTime View #11258
FREE: Virtual Summit for Music Entrepreneurs This FREE resource features industry-leading experts, authors, influencers, and coaches and is designed to empower you with the information you need to create a successful digital business. View #11257
More Comments on Online Music Lessons This presentation by Terry B. Ewell addresses the common issues with online lessons and provides practical solutions. BDP #278, View #11241
Preventing spread of COVID-19 for wind musicians Statement on preventing spread of novel coronavirus for wind musicians by Adam Schwalje MD, DMA View #11240
Piano Sight-Reading App Read Ahead is a self-guided piano sight-reading app for iPad (and soon for Android), perfect for practicing at home. All levels of the app are being offered for free use from now through June 1. View #11234
String Masters String Masters is the most technologically advanced tool available today for online music teaching in a one-on-one studio setting. The program was designed for specific aspects of applied lessons. View #11228
Flexible private lessons Teaching private lessons through video conferencing is certainly one way to go. Being flexible is something to keep in mind. Technology may have synchronous issues so having a backup plan can help lessons-face-to-face-to-online.pdf View #11226
#rehearsalhomealone Online music tuition Free video lessons for students, each video 10-20 minutes. Includes listening assignments, score reading, practice strategies, performance evaluation skills, composer and conductor interviews. View #11204
zoom lesson profile zoom Lessons View #11199
Google Meet this is provided through our college email system and allows me to have video/audio of a student when playing. View #11197
Moosiko Guitar Practice Tool Moosiko's digital practice tool allows guitar students to learn chords, transitions, and strumming patterns to their favorite songs while at home. We track skills so teachers can see student progress. lessons-moosiko-covid.pdf View #11195
Great tool for online lessons and practice Appcompanist, made by voice teachers, is perfect for this situation. Students can truly accompany themselves on their end of an online lesson so you can listen/watch/respond. Perfect for practice too! lessons-how-appcompanist-can-help.pdf View #11193
Piano for kids with special needs My Easy Step-by-Step Online Piano Method will truly transform your life. I developed this special method of piano playing for my daughter Christina, who was born with Down syndrome. View #11184
Recital Videos I have a number of live recital videos available on YouTube which students can watch and comment on. The link below is an example of me playing my composition, “Crystal Cove” for violin and piano. View #11180
Piano Lessons via Skype Tips for teaching piano lessons via Skype View #11179
Extra monitor for use with Zoom/Skype Monitors help you see the entire task at hand by providing a large display. With Zoom/Skype, there are screen sharing features. The monitor helps maximize what you can screen share from your computer View #11178
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