Teaching Music in the Age of COVID-19: Resources for Presenting Recitals

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Virtual Concert Halls broadcasting company VCHS broadcasts students' recitals, competitions, auditions, exams, any music events which include multiple participants, using TV production technology and methods recitals-virtual-concert-halls-presentation.pdf
Digital Accompaniments: Creating, Adapting, etc. These three videos provide information on creating digital accompaniments, adjusting tempos for practice, saving as both MIDI and audio files, and using the files for practice and for juries.
Professional Musicianship Project (Appl. Form) Application form to accompany and support Shenandoah Conservatory's "Personal Musicianship Project." Flexibly supports ALL students (UG/G) desiring to complete recital credit requirements. recitals-pmp-declaration-form.pdf
Professional Musicianship Project (Recital Subst.) Introduces and describes Shenandoah Conservatory's "Personal Musicianship Project" (name chosen by students). The PMP flexibly supports ALL students (UG/G) needing a substitute for the recital. recitals-revised-recital-policies-procedures-pmp-spring-2020-.pdf
Artsmesh: Live Network Music Collaboration Artsmesh is professional tool that uses multichannel uncompressed audio to connect P2P between multiple cities. This means that you need adequate bandwidth to operate Artsmesh. recitals-artsmesh-setup-taw.pdf