Teaching Music in the Age of COVID-19: Resources for Music Classroom Instruction

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Title Description Website File upload A website that contains whole pieces/movements of music for analysis of form and chromatic chords; handouts, PowerPoint presentations and videos on various theory topics; and aural skills exercises. View #11639
A Guide to Teaching Music Online Capitalizing on more than a decade of online course development and teaching experience, Rachel Shane shares what she has learned about the online teaching mindset and the best practices. View #11595
Resources for financial relief and income loss, online teaching, learning and working remotely, and resources vetted by the broader arts community. View #11458
Musicianship Music theory Group max 30 students View #11291
AmPopMusic - History of American Popular Music With nine Study Units, 125 chapters, dozens of practice tests, and an Audio/Video Room with over 800 genre-organized video links, AmPopMusic is perfect for directed and monitored online learning. recitals-new-ampopmusic-promotional-pdf.pdf View #11280
Practicing Musician World-class instrumental music education that follows the same scope and sequence as year 1 Standard of Excellence and Essential Elements. Our courses span 4 orchestral and 6 band instruments. View #11279
Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to S Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start. From the Chronicle. Contains great new links specifically for this moment. View #11277
The 10 Fundamentals of Teaching Online A 37 page PDF ebook. This was a free and open download. recitals-the-10-fundamentals-of-teaching-online-for-faculty-and-instructors-september-2016.pdf View #11276
Transforming Your Online Teaching From Crisis to C Transforming Your Online Teaching From Crisis to Community. A great article from "Inside Higher ED". View #11275
Remote Teaching Resources from US Universities This spreadsheet contains links to the online resources pages compiled from 426 universities. View #11274
Teaching Remotely in Times of Need (google slides) This is an online teaching resource document focusing universal design and floating around the Higher Ed teaching circles. This slide presentation contains a lot of useful resources and links. View #11273
Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository This is a national level higher ed repository of online pedagogical resources. The sources are curated by an editorial board and amount of material here is mind boggling. View #11271
Teaching Strings in Todays Classroom Teaching Strings in Today’s Classroom contains pedagogical information, performance activities, and an online virtual teaching environment with twelve interactive tutorials. View #11270
MGG Online An music reference work with over 19,000 article, helpful when you need authoritative texts to assign reading or prepare your class, but your library is closed. Note the integrated Google Translate. View #11266
Play and sing a vocal warmup for 4-6th grade 4 out of 5 of my k-6 general music students claim to want to play the piano. What better start than to accompany their own warm-up! View #11264
Percussion Education Video Playlist This video playlist is a collection of 28 videos for the non-percussion educator or percussion methods class. It teaches proper snare drum technique and rudiments. View #11260 Percussion Education is a website with resources for professional percussionists and non-percussionist educators. View #11259
Playing Percussion Instruments - Metal Sounds This set of videos was created in correlation with the "Metals" chapter from Bill Matney's book, Tataku: Percussion for Music Therapy. Sounds and techniques are demonstrated and explained. View #11256
Tumbao on a Table Here is a demonstration of how to play a common conga pattern, the Tumbao, when you don't have an instrument available. View #11255
Learning Drum Set with Body Percussion These lessons were designed for students in my Percussion for Music Therapy class at Nazareth College School of Music. The initial ideas are taken from Rhythm Brought To Life by Ed Thigpen. View #11254
Teaching Music Appreciation Online Oxford University Press has just made this title about teaching music appreciation online available as an e-books free for the next few months. Visit the site to view content or download PDF chapters. View #11251
Online Teaching on a Budget: Using Items You Alrea When instructors are on a tight budget and do not have the financial resources to purchase the correct phone stands, there are ways to create a set-up with resources from around the house. recitals-online-teaching-on-a-budget-1-.pdf View #11235
Podcasts on Music Ed, Musicology, & Ethnomusicolgy Podcasts created for Music & Peacebuilding. Each episode contains captions, transcript, discussion guide, and list of resources. Topics include Music in 1917, Zimbabwean music, and teaching topics. View #11227
+Tips for Virtual Meetings and Discussions Document outlining tips for virtual meetings and discussions. Practical, bulleted advice. Running virtual meetings, software choices, security concerns, and more. View #11224
Comparing & Contrasting Free Platforms A group of Minnesota band directors who tried several major video conferencing platforms to determine the advantages and disadvantages of each. View #11223
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