About CMS International Conferences

Biennial International Conferences of The College Music Society are held in odd-numbered years in a country other than the United States or Canada. CMS International Conferences routinely attract over 125 faculty, administrators, students, and independent scholars who share a common interest and dedication to the improvement of music and relations with musicians in countries throughout the world.

Through papers, concerts, lecture-recitals, panels, demonstrations, and workshop sessions, these conferences provide an opportunity to consider the philosophy and practice of music as an integral part of tertiary education worldwide. Through formal sessions, open forums, and dialogue with colleagues from around the world, these meetings allow participants to share insights and perspectives on teaching, to hear new and unusual musics, and to consider future directions for the art of music.

A distinctive feature of CMS International Conferences is the focus on the historic and current music of the country in which each meeting is held. These programs also differ from other CMS conferences in that the schedule and registration fee include a variety of opportunities for members to experience and learn about the music, culture, traditions, food, and history of the chosen conference location within a group setting. Registrants participate in sightseeing excursions, meals, and other activities designed to foster a basic understanding of the host country.




JAPAN: Kyoto

IRELAND: Limerick

COSTA RICA: San José & Muelle

SPAIN: Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

THAILAND: Bangkok & Ayuthaya

CROATIA: Zagreb, Split, & Dubrovnik

SOUTH KOREA: Seoul & Gyeongju

ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires

SWEDEN: Stockholm & FINLAND: Helsinki


BELGIUM: Brussels, Ghent, & Bruges

1995 - Berlin, Germany
Gerald Farmer (State University of West Georgia)

1997 - Vienna, Austria 
Gerald Farmer (State University of West Georgia)

1999 - Kyoto, Japan 
Tayloe Harding (Valdosta State University)
Silvain Guignard (Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Kyoto)

2001 - Limerick, Ireland 
Judith Coe (Mississippi University for Women)

2003 - San Jose and Muelle, Costa Rica 
Brenda Romero (University of Colorado, Boulder)

2005 - Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Spain
Angeles Sancho-Velazquez (California State University-Fullerton)

2007 - Bangkok and Ayuthaya, Thailand
Terry Miller (Kent State University)

2009 - Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik, Croatia
William Everett (University of Missouri-Kansas City)

2011 - Seoul and Gyeongju, South Korea
John Robison (University of South Florida)

2013 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Juan Chattah (University of Miami)

2015 - Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland
Don Bowyer (Sunway University)

2017 - Sydney, Australia
Gillian M. Rodger (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

2019 - Brussels, Ghent, and Bruges, Belgium
Nicholas Phillips (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)


Future Conference Locations

CMS welcomes suggestions for future conference locations.  If you wish to suggest a location for a future conference site, please get in touch with CMS Director of Professional Activities, Peter Park, at [email protected].