Common Topic for 2024-2025: GROW. CREATE. LEAD.

Imagine a performance pedagogy rooted in curiosity, creativity, and joy; that teaches and affirms our unique voices, nurtures our ability to create, and emboldens our responsibility to lead in our communities. The College Music Society can make a positive impact toward a brilliant future in music learning and the power of art in our communities.

Growth is about embracing the discomfort of the messy process. It’s about openness to possibility. It's about curiosity. It's about expansion, evolution, and nurturing belonging in our human-centered art form.

CMS will fulfill our GROW imperative through conversations about and experimentation with integrating lifelong learning practices into our learning, our teaching, our artistry, our practice, our cultures, and our sense of purpose and belonging.

Creativity is a shared human universal and we in CMS have chosen music as our tool to cultivate a deep impact in uniting, healing, and nurturing social belonging in our cultures. It is essential that the 21st-century musician is aware of and connected to the power of intentional socially conscious art-making.

CMS will fulfill our CREATE imperative by leading conversations and building pathways to position the artist, and all of our unique voices, at the center of everything we do in music learning, teaching, research, and performing.

It is vital that we deliberately cultivate, support, and inspire leaders for the coming generations. We will build leaders in the areas of lifelong learning, transformative teaching, embodied performance, genre fluidity, and cultural belonging.

CMS will fulfill our LEAD imperative by being a vehicle for hosting courageous conversations, inspiring bold planning, building resource repositories, creating certification programs, expanding our professional development opportunities, organizing daring think-tank summits, and training and positioning leaders throughout the College Music Society and our institutions of learning to create a positive impact on our world.