Welcome to the Central Chapter

Yi-Yang ChenWelcome to the CMS Central Chapter! 

I am thrilled to extend a warm greeting to all members within our expansive boundaries, spanning Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Manitoba, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, and Wyoming. 

Our chapter prides itself on fostering a vibrant community of music educators, performers, composers, students, and enthusiasts, and I am excited to announce our upcoming 2025 Central Chapter Conference. The Conference serves as a platform for teachers and students alike to showcase their talents and expertise through paper presentations, lecture-recitals, performances, and compositions. Whether you're presenting or simply attending, I encourage all members to participate in this enriching experience. 

In line with our dedication to student involvement, we are delighted to offer three prestigious awards: the Chappell White Memorial Award for Best Student Composition, the Paul Revitt Memorial Award for Best Student Paper, and the James Brewer Memorial Award for Best Student Presentation. These awards underscore our commitment to nurturing the next generation of music scholars and creators. 

As a member of our Chapter, you will gain access to a plethora of resources, including forums and services both locally and internationally. I invite you to explore our website and take advantage of the diverse opportunities available, from community outreach initiatives to professional development activities. 

If you are eager to learn more about our Chapter or are interested in contributing to our leadership team, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Your involvement is integral to the success and vibrancy of our community. Here's to a harmonious and productive year ahead! 

Dr. Yi-Yang Chen
President, CMS Central Chapter (2024-2025)