Postal Addresses: Labels or Spreadsheet


Reach a Specific Audience

  • 170 Faculty lists based on teaching area
  • Complete institution list
  • Custom headings available

Pricing and Information

  • Lists are $190 per thousand labels
  • Lists merged/purged to eliminate duplicates
  • Select by zip code, state, or province
  • Printed on laser labels
  • Electronic spreadsheet available when working with a professional mailing house
  • Informational brochure

Use the Postal Addresses For...

  • departmental offerings
  • faculty vacancies
  • special events
  • product promotions
  • faculty recruitment
  • workshop announcements


To Order

Mailing label orders can be complicated. To allow CMS to serve you most efficiently, please get in touch with the Executive Office to review details and discuss your order: Phone: (406) 721-9616 — E-mail: [email protected]