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The CMS Fund
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Legal name: The CMS Fund
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The Mission of The CMS Fund

The CMS Fund, as an extension of the College Music Society, supports exemplary and innovative projects of the Society's members to bring to the wider public community the accomplishments of the music profession in higher education.

President of The CMS Fund

Bill PeltoWilliam Pelto

The CMS Fund has served music in higher education since its inception in 1998. With its financial support of innovative approaches to engagement and developing technologies, The CMS Fund fosters effective and original approaches to curricula, pedagogy, and audience development to strengthen the place of music in our culture. The Fund also continues to address the challenges facing the profession by bringing the accomplishments of CMS members and their institutions to a wider public. Through its grants programs, The CMS Fund strives to lead change, ensuring that musicians—whether composers, performers, educators, or scholars—increasingly possess the skills necessary to influence musical life in our ever-changing society. The Board of Directors of The CMS Fund encourages CMS members and others to contribute financially in support of its engagement programs.




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