Gifts of Cash

A cash gift is a simple and easy way to make a gift. Your gift can:

  • make an immediate impact on the programs of The CMS Fund.
  • provide a charitable income tax deduction.

Make a One-Time Donation Online

CMS will direct your gift to the appropriate program and provide a receipt to you.

Make a Pledge Online

Complete and then print the pledge pdf form to make a pledge to The CMS Fund for a specific amount to be given at intervals of your choosing.

Sustained Giving

You may establish a monthly deduction from your checking or savings account, or approve a charge to a credit card. Gifts may be designated for any of the programs of The CMS Fund or given for use where the need is greatest. Sustained gifts enable The CMS Fund to plan carefully for future programs. Gifts will be charged to accounts on the 20th of each month and may be easily altered or revoked at any time by the donor. 

To establish a sustained gift of an amount of your choice each month, complete and then print the sustaining gift pdf form and return it to The CMS Fund.

Other Ways to Give...

For information concerning other ways to give, please visit these pages: